the fairyfest project

the idea came along a long time ago. 2 years at least. the situation in the country I was living at that time was incredibly difficult.  It still is.  The economy is in shambles, and people are feeling desperate, hopeless and disillusioned.  And they feel guilty and estranged from the rest of Europe. Of course they still go out for long hours enjoying the sun, smoking is still aloud in most of the places and they are drinking  ‘freddos’ (cold cafe) which costs 5 or 6 or 7 euros each! But cafes are full, and this is another story…

I had visited a kid’s festival. I must admit it was everything but a festival! There were of course some performances scheduled and some nice workshops specially one with music, but the rest was a very obvious marketing and sales venture. so from supposedly food testing to distribution of kellogg’s and other brands, we got assaulted by commercials. I understand there is no money for such big events and gathering. no money for culture. no money for education. ok, I get it. but it was a huge shock for me. and at the end a wake-up call which made me think ….there should be a way ….we can do different, I am sure….

It dawned on me that as long as we are alive and as long as we are conscious we can do something about it. so I started up my fairyfest project. which eventually is going to be produced and presented and experienced in another country and another scene but I nevertheless think it will bring some real food for the mind the body and the soul.

I hope it to be hopeful.

I have a vision….


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