conference in brussels

What is the added value of transnational cultural cooperation projects supported by the EU and what does European financing enable the cultural sector to achieve that would not have been possible otherwise? The European Commission is organising its third Culture in Motion Conference 15-16 February 2011 in Brussels in order to help answer these and other questions. A sample of projects funded by the Culture Programme 2007-2013, by the Pilot Project for Artist Mobility and by other EU programmes (like the Lifelong Learning Programme, Citizenship Programme, Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme and European Regional Development Programme) will help show concretely how funding is making a difference on a European level, as well as, underline the significant role of culture in enhancing smart, sustainable and inclusive growth and supporting other EU policies.

Plenary sessions will explore how projects: contribute to the promotion of the EU’s cultural and linguistic diversity and heritage; increase the circulation of works within Europe and beyond; promote Europeans’ access to heritage and European cultural works, and strengthen the development and professionalization of the sector, innovative experimentation and improving its capacity to operate in an international context. Participants will also be invited to meet and network with project promoters and other participants in an accompanying exhibition. Moreover, this time around the Culture in Motion Conference links up with the Stakeholder Consultation Meeting on the next EU programme in the field of culture after 2013, where participants, after lunch on the second day, will discuss recommendations and proposals further to an on-line consultation with a view to the next Culture Programme.

Please visit the european commission’s website for more information (link at the bottom of my site)


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