the decline of networking (part 1)

I have worked in the field of networks in the european performing arts for long years and I have witnessed a lot of changes during my career.

I guess all started in the 80’s and it was a very revolutionary way of thinking, working, collaborating. I got in the milieu in the mid 90’s when it was I guess still good years to come together in a network. Internet had not eaten all the communication and people were still in the pursue of happy traveling to meet new colleagues, new trends and see new things. Then came 2000 and it blasted all. At least, for me, as I was witnessing things, decadence had started.

Cultural operators, artists, performers had already gone further, had already searched and reached…and the ancient notion of networking started to look obsolete. The network I was working for at that time was still quite popular though the number of members had started to decline severely. It was more difficult to convince a theatre to join in and to pay 5500 euros to become part of something they knew down deep inside they did not need.

In fact, they came in as a curiosity, because the network was still constituted of  some big institutions and they did not mind so much about the money.

Seldom was the artistic directors coming to our meetings and they would happily transfer the invitation to some dramaturg or international relation colleagues which made it quite uneven and unfair in many ways.

(to be followed)


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