what do we need in europe?

I feel quite arrogant writing the title of this new post. as if I knew…as if I could give some ideas….and then, I say to myself why not? why should I not say what is needed? I am not a citizen. a working woman that has for more than 20 years been here and there, lived in many different countries, worked in different environments with different colleagues of different nationalities…so why not me?

It is rather a simplistic idea which I would like to share here. In france there has been a major fight to free some of the taxes from cultural goods, specially books. and I was thinking why there should not be some common measure to help cultural operators travel in europe for example exempt from taxes…look at the travel fares you pay now. most of it is taxes. the rest is peanuts. we should be allowed to travel without paying those taxes. or another example, make an effort not to charge amazing taxes on people working in culture. For example, I know that in Norway if you work in education, if you provide educational services you pay less taxes. super idea no? of course I know specialists, fiscalists, politicians would come up to me and say I dont know nothing of what it takes, and this is IMPOSSIBLE. but even then, I am entitled to wish and christmas is coming, so if not the president of the EU, so maybe santa claus can do something about it? 

who wants to appoint me as president of europe?!!!!!


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