what is a phd?

I am now officially (and Happily) working with the Norwegian Theatre Academy which is inside the HIOF – university of Ostfold. A huge and rather cold building by the freezed waters of Fredrickstad (south of Norway) with plenty of nice and warmhearted people inside. So a very interesting fresh start for me since I am absolutely not coming from this ‘milieu’ : education, research, university belongs in the past for me back when I was in the sorbonne. But in many ways everything is really new to me.
So is the LANGUAGE they use. The wording. And I often wonder what do they really mean…
As I was trying to understand some of the weird terms I heard around these last days, I came across the best explanation ever for what a PhD is.

You should absolutely check the link beneath! Even if you are a scholar or someone who knows it all, you will smile and I guess, feel rather interested in the perspective put out…
For me, this guy so got it all!
And if you look a little further on his website he gives really interesting feedback on how to go ahead if you have to write one (PhD) based on his own experience! Very appealing ….



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