happy norway to you all.

Since I have arrived in Norway, I only have met really welcoming people and always felt this  country to be open with very great many possibilities. It feels so different from my past  experiences. In Greece for example, I would say you absolutely need to know somebody to reach  even the most normal administration service…In France, you need to BE someone, to have a  very good background, a very good resume and be known in the field you walk in…But of course here I come as the outsider, the weird and new person who is coming to live here….
It has been so long I have not seen openness when it comes to give subsidies to culture, (not that any project can be selected, but the procedures are far more simple and transparent than what I have experienced anywhere else). Today I have been in the Norsk Kulturrad and walking in the corridors of the ancient military hospital * by the way impossible to find the building, no inscription outside…I felt free.

I felt the world of possibles was here!
happy norway to you all…


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