2020 Questionnaire

This questionnaire concerns the year 2020 and the role performance art will play in it. I found this on the very interesting pages of random people http://random-people.net/wikka.php?wakka=Home

Don’t feel obliged to answer all the questions below. But it is also funny to do all of them.
You can answer them in as many or as few words as you like.
Some of the questions can be answered simply with yes or no, but it would of course be interested to find out how you came to your answer.

Once you have filled in the questionnaire, please email it to future@random-people.net.

Lets go!


1. Will performance art still exist in 2020?

2. Where will we go to see a performance in 2020?

3. From where will the money come for performance in 2020?

4. Will the artist still be present?

5. Of all the predictions about the future that are circulating (about technological developments, climate change, international relations, ageing etc.), do you think any will have a strong impact on performance (the art works as well as the surrounding infrastructure), and if yes, how will that impact be manifest?

6. Try to remember a performance that made an impression on you in 2000. Would you still consider it as relevant if you saw it today, and how do you think it will have aged by 2020?

7. What are your hopes for 2020 and what role will performance play in their realisation?

8. Imagine you are a performance artist living in one of the futures depicted in a science fiction film or book – what kind of work would you make?

9. In 1984 (around 9500 days ago), Joseph Beuys wrote the following onto a blackboard: Nur noch 1017 Tage bis zum Ende des Kapitalismus (Now only 1017 days left till the end of capitalism). How many days until Beuys’s prediction will finally come true?

10. What sentence(s) should go into a manifesto for 2020?


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