facts and figures about the Nordic cultural fund.

The Nordic cultural Fund supports cultural projects initiated and executed by both professionals and amateurs and is accessible to individuals and voluntary organisations, as well as private and public organisations and institutions. The grant policy of the Fund encourages a broad definition of Nordic cultural cooperation, which is clearly reflected in the applications.

In 2009, the Fund received 1.240 applications. 814 of these received a detailed hearing.

The Fund frequently distributes smaller grants and after short hearings. In 2009, the Fund offered 5 application dates for applications up to and including 100.000 DKK and 2 application dates for applications exceeding 100.000 DKK.
Of the 814 valid applications received in 2009, the Fund chose to support 280 projects. 34% of all applications receiving a detailed hearing were subsequently offered grants. In 2009, the Nordic Culture Fund granted a total of 30.436.742 DKK, 925.818 DKK of these to the Fund’s own projects. In order to illustrate the diversity of the Fund’s work, the annual report mentions a small selection of successful projects. These examples show that the Fund supports projects ranging from a seminar on the identity of Nordic minorities in film and television, a joint Nordic pavilion at the biennale in Venice, and a project dealing with Nordic literature within a digital context.

The venture ”New Nordic citizens in Nordic Cultural Cooperation”, which was launched in 2007, also took place in 2009 and will continue in 2010. With this venture, the Fund wishes to inform about the opportunities made possible by its grant policy, as well as stimulate contact and joint projects between Nordic artists and cultural players with different ethnic backgrounds. The goal is to encourage more applications than previously reflecting the ethnic diversity found in the Nordic countries today.

In 2008, The University College of Borås carried out an evaluation/external analysis of the Fund’s grant activities during 1996-2008. In 2009, the Nordic Culture Fund has focused on the 15 recommendations made in the external analysis, as well as on some of the weaknesses resulting from the extensive structural changes, which Nordic cultural cooperation underwent in 2005.

These structural changes were caused by the closing down of several Nordic cultural institutions and committees and by the establishment of The Nordic Council of Minister’s theme-based programmes. As a result, fewer and more distinct guidelines have been laid down and, as far as the majority of applications are concerned, more flexible and shorter hearings introduced.

The close cooperation with The Nordic Council of Ministers has also resulted in an improvement of some of the issues caused by the structural changes. In 2010, the Fund intends to further strengthen the successful cooperation with The Nordic Council of Ministers and Nordic Culture Point, not least concerning their dealings with the art- and culture scene.



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