in saburo´s shoes

Saburo Teshigawara has arrived at the academy! He is a world famous choreographer and dancer.

He began his unique creative career in 1981 in his native Tokyo after studying plastic arts and classic ballet. In 1985, he formed KARAS with Kei Miyata and started group choreography and their own activities.

We shook hands in the office today and I said the stupid, impersonal, repeated by all “very pleased to meet you ” !!

I do regret now. When I rewind the scene I have bowed slightly to salute him, humbly.

Later on I sneaked in his workshop with the students of the academy. The black box was full of light, sweat, tired faces and his voice was not clearly transported in the air. I did not feel happiness in there. But while hearing the words of this little man, I felt happiness. He was asking the students to breathe. And to feel the curves of their soles. Which eventually was pronounced like souls and it was so perfectly fitting!. He was asking them to run, to jump, to stump, to make 8s and rounds…and feel the weight of their body inside the universe. I felt mine.

Very inspiring…

Looking forward to his lecture tomorrow!


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