The curious concept around BGTA

Be Good To the Always is the new production by HUMAN WORKS (Adrian Minkowicz and Anne-Linn Akselsen) and  RUDI SKOTHEIM JENSEN WORKS.

The company has been invited for a residency in Kinitiras (Athens) in April 2011 and that is how and why I got invited to join the production team and help out – as a greek – on the spot.

It is a very interesting production which primarily researches through identity, locality, time and other values and bares an immense potential from its actual form and also because it adapts wherever it travels to.

My work has been and is to invite people to come and see the production in case they would like to programme it in the fall or in the next season. Difficult task in the context of such difficult times in greece. Where nobody knows what tomorrow will bring, where disillusions has replaced beautiful hopeful future…But as I see things (from an outsider now) it seems creativity is very present, and people tend to be more constructive, continuously trying to find ways to survive, to live, to continue…specially in the performing arts, often considered as a luxurious item in such critical times!

Here some quotes from the press material:

Humans, place themselves in tiny hierarchies, create multiple identities and live by dress- and social codes required by their surroundings. This hierarchy of identity does not only occur to people, but also in towns and things. In this decade, it can seem like a universal cabaret; where everyone can dress up and enjoy the show. We are all playing the identity game, learning the rules, adjusting, adapting and from time to time, expanding them.

Identification and identity comes very naturally to us. When we identify with something, we make adjustments and changes, conscious or unconscious as an instinct to be part of a flow or flock, and through this, we confirm, in a small way, our existence.

This performance deals with expanding and creating awareness around identity, in both small and large scales. We will therefore create a performance that will be built on that same changing and adapting structure, with the possibility and need to adjust to wherever it is being presented.

Identity is whatever makes an entity definable and recognizable (an entity is something that has a distinct-materialistic-existence) in terms, something that also need to possess a set of qualities or characteristics that separates that entity from an entity of a different type (A has attributes that makes it different from B). Which defines “identifying” as the activity of understanding the attributes of the entity.

To make a performance that deals with the issues of identity, we also encounter the theme of time. In logic -the law of identity states that an object is the same as itself: A! A, that is, when something is in still-time, here and now. In philosophy, personal-identity refers to the numerical identity of a person through time. That is to say, under the conditions in which a person or performance is said to be identical to itself, over a period of time.

However, the problem of personal identity relates to change. We know that the molecules that make up each individual changes almost completely over a period of years. But at the same time, common sense tells us that objects and people persists over time, and that there is some sense in which you are the same person you were yesterday. The oak is the same as the acorn and you can step into the same town or river twice.

With time, the question then arises about what change is after a thing is destroyed or a person dies, one rarely says that the person’s life has changed, when ended.

“Having or being the same as something, makes groups with common reference and interest, makes categorizing a possibility,  makes differences a reality, and adapting a necessity” Rudi Skotheim Jensen.

Be good to the always is created by, in alphabetical order;
Adrián Minkowicz / On stage, Anne-Linn Akselsen / On stage, Benjamin Eugène / On stage Rudi Skotheim Jensen / Off Stage, Tobias Stål / Off Stage, Emmy Astbury / Producer and Patricia Canellis / Producer.


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