probably the start…

After so much thinking, brainstorming, evaluating, I think now I am ready to launch. the idea has grown so much in me that it comes out naturally now…like the branches of a tree. and the promotion is so simple. the project is easy in many ways…how come nobody has done before? or am I missing something there?

I am of course speaking of my project with kids. the “fameux”…

As days pass by and as I meet new interested people and I drag them into the whole creative adventure, I begin to feel a boiling excitement and I begin to see the very many possibilities. So I am proud to say I am ready now …

Tonight I am also launching the fundraising on the internet. Lets see how this works! I have never done this. It will soon appear as the fairyfesthouse project on

I have no expectation but it seems that some projects have been trusted and people actually have sent some money. so why not mine? I will first  send the information to my closest friends. and then to family of course and ask them to spread the word.

in this world of virtual space and parallel reality this should work no?

And I will meet “my” team soon. I will need to think some more about some parts of the project like for ex. the competition rules or the partnership with institutions cause we are now almost 10 persons involved and I would not want the naturally expected disintegration process to start already now….you know …disagreement on money, on organisation, on power stuff…

this is a life project. this is a dream project and i will lead it to success….


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