how they say I should manage my project on

1. A successful project is an informative project
Explain how you will use the funds you’re asking for. Publish photos, videos and news.
Share the life of your project with your supporters.

me : ok I will do but I am scared when does harassing start?

from tim etchells website.

2. Abide by the principal of “all or nothing”
Your supporters are only charged if you reach your requested amount. Specify your objectives (required funding, chosen deadline, number of supporters awaiting, availability of the rewards) and assign yourself the means to achieve them.

me  : this I guess noone understand very well. have to explain again and again…

3. Encounter much more than funding
Beyond the collected donations, never lose sight of what Ulule is really about: creating a community of supporters who will be your first followers and your best ambassadors.

me thinking : this one I got clearly. same thing as facebook. and twitter. and flickr and vimeo. super exposed I tell you….

4. Really commit yourself: there is no magic formula for success
Having your page on Ulule is a good start, but don’t satisfy yourself with that. Promote your project actively: be creative, communicative, and involve all your networks.

me: yes, actually on a day of 24 hours I have to work 25…

5. Keep in control of your project
You alone are master; you maintain your project’s intellectual property, and you’re completely accountable for your project as well as all contact with its supporters.

me: yes. control, power, yes. yes!

6. And it’s free! (for now)
Ulule doesn’t take any commission from the donations collected; they are transferred directly to the project owner’s account, without even passing through Ulule. Only Paypal transaction fees are deducted from successful projects.

me: thank you ulule. only problem is that if people do not have paypal they have to create an account in order to be able to give…but lets say that this is manageable.


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