Happy steps for the Fairyfesthouse

Yesterday morning I went to oslo to visit for the first time the architect who will work on the fairyfesthouse project for the competition. The streets were really slippery still very icy and the city looks harsh and not welcoming. My mood was light and springlike and it felt like singing like an early spring bird.

When crossing the block to reach architectopia just after the castle, I passed in front of a very interesting building where the sign said “Gamle Druidorden” – it was that of the norwegian branch of the ancient order of druids. I smiled and took this as an omen. I felt the energy and the fluid and the magic was there, somewhere, around….

The meeting was very down to earth. Building is a serious business and when it comes to use material for walls and construction, it can´t be made of happy fluffy stuff…can it?

I don´t know how this is going to be. I don´t even know how the drawing will be. All I know is that this project, so dear to me, is going to happen! this first stage will have taught to me 1) how much I want it 2) how obstacles and ideals are easy to be conquered when it feels right 3) how people join when you smile…

Happy morning to you all.

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