the rewinding concept of an archive

I am just back from a seminar about the archive and the memory. what is it to document one´s artistic process? what is an archive?
what does it contain?
and who is it for?

a list of questions not always answered by exquisite guests talking about and around and inside a theme that some days before I thought meant a facebook file, a book shelf or a photo-album!
so ….
I came out asking myself more questions than I had before I came in.

Like for example : what if we all make an archive of our work, our life…were do we put it? and what is it for? isn´t mere detritus? a blog for example is a sort of archive of its own…what is the function of this piece of archive?

so I probably left the seminar more stupid than I came in cause I have one more question.
and it goes like this :
Why is an archive going back and never forward?
Which archive could generate the future rather than preserve the past?
Archiving, whether it is artistic, educational or in any other field, is considered important because it proves the existence of a past events and enables them to continue to exist and to be revisited or just discovered.
But imagine an archive that is not trying to capture fixed ‘images’, that is not only referential. An archive that is a living process that keeps modifying itself constantly, triggering new processes instead of being a mere documentation, always lost in the past.
How does an archive functions if it is looking forwards instead of looking back? is this even possible?

until you (or I) answer this question, I go make myself an expresso ristretto!


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