A Gardener’s Approach to Learning

In the same way that a garden is a rich and intertwined ecosystem where plants, air, soil, birds and bugs interact to grow and reproduce, today’s emerging information landscape is an info-system, where content is produced, published, accessed, consumed, discussed, re-mixed and re-published. To be a “master learner” — to be a teacher — today, you must learn to work the info-system in order to cultivate new knowledge and skills from a continual flow of information. This book is a guide for teachers who seek to model for their students the practices of lifelong learning.

A Gardener’s Approach to Learning reflects several years of research, thinking, and conversations with other network works, identifying techniques and tools that educators are using to cultivate their own personal learning networks.

One of the unique features of this book is the presence of QR-Codes. These are two-dimensional bar codes that can be read with smart phones, automatically loading video tutorials related to the current topics of the book.

Quite promising don´t you think? At least, should be read….

By David Warlick – Lulu Enterprises Inc. (2010) – Paperback – 168 pages – ISBN 0557514290


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