the lemon squeezer, the pans and the sauce boat

It’s wedding season, which means a lot of time spent browsing online gift registries, buying pots and pans. The soon-to-be-weds may think that they need that lemon squeezer, but do you really want your gift for this momentous occasion to lie forgotten in a drawer?

Instead of thinking practical, and follow the boring list someone has thought romance and bought a beautiful olive tree at the wedding we just came back from. Apparently those people have forgotten clichés, and surprised the table with presents with something original. I got jealous when looking at it this morning cause we have really followed the conventional wish list and bought one of the many items we were supposed to. Instead of doing something that will be different and feel a little more sensitive and unique. Art would also have been the very beautiful gift to give —both a decoration for their home and a long-term investment that will increase in value and serve as a foundation for a lifetime of collecting together.

As time passes, the couple may forget who gave them the lemon squeezer, but they will never forget who gave them a thought, a feeling, a tree or a work of art!

anyhow, all that said, sometimes you need to follow the rules, stay tuned and in the path…sometimes you need to fill in somebody else´s dream.


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