old pictures

I am always attracted to the old pictures. I find them extraordinary. In the full meaning of the word. EXTRA – ORDINARY. Each time I look at an old picture I see something special.

I found this one on the net and without knowing why I copied it to have it.

Whether it is the story you can guess behind any picture or the funny color-process on this one for example, or the characters probably posing in front of a weird box with a man hiding under a small cloth-curtain …all pictures are like fairytales, they are an open book, they are a silent movie…little jewels I say. Maybe I am too visual. When I was asked in one of this silly questionnaire, if you had to lose one of your senses, which one would you hate to loose. You of course guess here which one it is.

I would so love to find old pictures of my family. Back then in the old times when they were still in Turkey, wherever they looked like, wherever they lived, whoever they were….

Pictures are amazing. But so are words….


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