meditation versus medication

We perceive emotions not simply as experiences that happen to us, but also as aspects of our environmental cocktail that we can cultivate to bring beauty and nourishment to the garden of our health.

Over the last few decades, research has sought to understand the mechanisms that underlie the health effects of positive thinking/consciousness. We know that altruism, optimism, prayer, meditation, spirituality, social connectedness, and energy medicine have positive effects on health and longevity. Now, we are starting to understand that our consciousness conditions our genetic expression, moment by moment. This insight allows us to use consciousness change as a medical intervention. For instance, studies have shown meditation to have benefits that are similar to anti-depressant medication, regulating the serotonin and dopamine levels of our brain, as well as stimulating our immune systems. Incredible no?

So in this fantastic book I am reading – written by Dawson Church  “The Genie in your Genes” it is proven that we can actually unlock a hugely effective and beneficial internal pharmacopia of gene-altering …What else is there to say?

How inspiring is this?

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