just divine

Those paintings are so beautiful that when I discovered them today I stopped breathing. Stopped thinking. I was just there. Feeling the infinite presence of this painted souls inside my world. How is this possible? I felt like praying. It was like flying high. How is it possible to create such divine feelings from art ? How is it possible that images come straight inside your veins?

I remember crying in front of a Mirò. Tears did not come this time because the setting was not allowing this – I am sitting in my kitchen with my mac on my lap and my little girl singing and dancing around me…- but an extremely sudden and light and happy moment of grace flirted with my soul.

You need to search, you need to find this artist. Her name is Pakayla Biehn. These paintings are from a series called “Double Exposure” (as you can understand from the technique used…never thought this could be applied to painting..).

I adore each one of those. And all her other paintings. And probably her if I would meet her…



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