experiments in wasting time

9 long minutes stretching in bed before up at 8.00 (today).

28 seconds checking face in the mirror (tan suits me, wrinkles are still there!  eyebrows need to be evened out…)

46 seconds to turn on the french radio on the computer.

18 minutes breakfast under the umbrella in our garden.

5 minutes emptying the dish washer. 3 minutes filling it in again.

14 minutes (divided in 2 strands) waiting for alfie to come and brush her hair, wash her face, brush her teeth…

7 minutes to dress her up. 3 minutes to dress me up.

28 minutes biking to kindergarden (back and forth)…nooooo! not me! baard is doing extreme sports in the morning.

5 minutes checking mails (publicity, spam, spam, work, work, spam).

WASTING TIME makes a beautiful life!


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