Searching on the web, you can find treasures, texts, reflexions, figures that you could never dream of finding in a library or anywhere else in a hundred years! The American Society for Theatre Research Executive Committee has been working with a membership survey report at a meeting in Seattle in November 2010.  When you read this report – 63 long pages but quite easy to spot what is interesting! – you understand how the same patterns tend to appear in many institutional frames. It has a high potential of application in many of the projects I have been involved directly or indirectly. Fascinating to observe!

Lets fly over some of the concerns expressed there :

  • A lack of transparency with regard to how individuals get leadership positions in the organization.
  • A lack of transparency with regard to how themes for the annual conferences are determined.
  • Concerns about the rising costs of conference registration and membership.
  • General concerns about the state of the profession, the state of graduate education, crises in hiring, and whether ASTR is doing as good a job as it could be in leading the conversation regarding these issues.

Communication is also a major issue I would say….

If you are interested, the full report is available HERE. More about this on


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