i want the stars and the sweeties too…

It has always been a temptation for me to change all my life and turn it into something more creative: I have dreamt of becoming an interior decorator!

My sister Isabelle – who is an event organiser- has in the past given me the chance to express myself on the fied. She has taken upon quite huge jobs and there was always a little part with decorating dinner tables and spaces and setting some atmospheres in there. I loved to work on those events : though stressful it was such a challenge to arrange the spirit and the ideas and to help over the dinner tables and the dance floors. I really feel attracted to what regards decoration and I love to do it with my house, with my office, in my space, in my head….When I have time I can spend some evenings searching on the web for beautiful pictures and ideas, I get so inspired! I love marie-claire idées (but also quite frustrating sometimes since I don´t always have the materials and also when it gets to the know-how I am lousy. I really miss the technical part of it!) I used to have all the decoration magazines of the world – I remember buying danish magazines when I lived in Brussels. Though they were often far too expensive, I was sparing some money every month to buy myself at least  two or three, four sometimes…. It seems to be something that lies there somewhere deep inside me, that I do let out now we have this beautiful space of ours for some creations – when of course I am not too busy with organizing other parts of our life : parenting as you know takes a lot of time, and also the different jobs I have taken responsibility over here in Norway…

I think space is soulful. Wherever it is, whatever it is, space shows all what lies in your heart, in your head, in your dreams. Simple things: white painted walls just need some nice colorful lighting, old wooden furniture are getting colorful paper or paint to cheer them up, customizing objects to make them ours, give them a new life…. Our world looks just like us. A little old, a little romantic, a little quiet and very much alive!





Welcome to a world we have created for us, for our daughter, for my eyes!


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