the kindling of a flame

If there would be something I would dream for this world, that it would be that someone – somewhere – becomes so aware that arts and culture are fundamental for our children that he or she would do something. There is a lot going on already and the situation is far better than what it used to be and I have so many ideas and so many projects and dreams but…

Main stream education, the academic way is still very much ON and when you take actions it necessarily will be in your own home, preaching for your own family and friends. It is the fight of some great men like Sir Ken Robinson that I admire so much ( I have ordered his books on Amazon and I foresee some amazing bright nights of reading in my little forest!!) and also know other intellectuals, educators who are on the same path in the world. But I feel this is not enough! I really think it should be the daily work of the parents to try, to “preach”, to fight, to impose that arts should be around us on a daily basis. We should all work in a more strategic way to “feed” the normal system and the schools as well into increasing arts in education. If we could engage all parents to bring arts into the daily instruction of their children and pursue the building up of cultural centers for a daily use of the arts it would just be fantastic.

Make the arts visible, accessible, integrated. I really think that it would bring a dramatic change to the world ….

When my child listens to music, she is driven by a completely different state of mind, another sphere of emotions: she is moved by brain and heart pulses. The music talks INTO her. She moves jumps feels, and probably from what I see, she is in full communion with the sounds, the instruments, the waves.

It feels like she flourishes. she opens up. like a rosebud.


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