we are alone together

Ancient people guided their lives based on the calendar changes: spring, summer, autumn, winter and also on the different events that were celebrated : birth, marriage, and death.

The modern man has incorporated these timeless rituals in a more contemporary pattern; he has reinvented them – specially when it comes to celebrate unions or births – but, more often, he has substituted them with small basic rites creating new and different sets of values, enabling themselves to experience something in community and maybe to control a little more over their surrounding universe.

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We live in a curious new technological world which does not allow any inner perceptions but some deluded impressions and mainly enables the individuals to breed an illusory strength against the anonymous masses.  The more confusing the labyrinth becomes, the more it seems necessary to support personal values by means of “rituals” which can or could provide some meaning. The new communication methods which were supposed to turn the world into some sort of “global village” are probably shrinking geographical distances and all feel closer, but in the same time have led to an increasingly solitary existence, a life where our best friend is thousands of kilometers away and where physical contact is scarce.

So, all in all, performing the ritual of communication (me here, me on facebook, me specially in front of a computer) becomes more reassuring then ever, but we should never forget that solitude in this epoch of mega-communication is probably the capital sin of the modern person.



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