crowdsourced funding

To face the crisis and the drastic cuts for the arts in Europe, a lot of new funding initiatives are springing up around the world to crowd-source-funding. This barbarian term means more or less to gather some funds from the public, from random people, from colleagues that believe in your project and are up to give some little money for creative projects. This method allows your friends, your family (this is the first source of funding I would say) your contacts, your neighbors, random visitors of your internet presentation to give 1 euros, 10 euros or much much more!

Here is a short list of some of the crowd-source-funding well established and with some reputation. I have tried some of them so you can ask for help if you need!

In Sweden and in Norway you have FundedByMe.

In Ireland, Fund it  (I have given some little monies there myself for a children´s festival!!!)

Check out fansnextdoor, a European crowd funding initiative running since 2010 described as a platform for all creatives to promote and fund their projects together with their fans.

In the UK several project : WeDidThis The Big Give Wefund SponsumeUnbound  is a special crowfunding initiative for book publishing also launched in the UK, where authors pitch their ideas directly. If you like what you read, you can pledge your support to help make the book happen.

There is a new French wave of crowdfunding sites: I have unsuccessfully :( tried Ulule – “make good things happen” but it does work perfectly. The only problem that I would see in this one is that people need to have a paypal account and it is not always very easy to have to do so many steps before you can give this one euro of yours…

Also in France there is KissKissBankBank which I do intend to test as well! and a new arrival Mutuzz, which is specifically aimed at artists with digital projects.

Pozible in Australia. Also check out Field Theory in Australia – artist-run alternative funding model supporting 4 artists per year.

And of course Kickstarter, the largest funding platform for creative projects in the world!

Happy funding to all!


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  1. here is a mail from fundit and the project I have supported and I am mentioning above:

    Robbie Harris and some of the cast from Globe were in studio yesterday with
    RTÉ Junior, recording a preview of the show. RTÉ Junior have just started
    creating work for broadcast online, so we’re thrilled Globe will be one of
    the first shows they use!!
    Meanwhile, the guys are busy signing BoomWhackers in readiness for their
    visit to Galway. We can hardly believe it’s only 23 days, 22 hours and 2
    minutes till they go on stage at the Seapoint Ballroom!

    Go to to see
    all this Project’s updates.

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