research blurp!

I am going nuts these 2 last days! First, because I need to meet with an extremely tight application deadline for an application. So I work very much and very hectically and I am not so happy with the rythm I have. Second, because of course like most of you know this isthe moment when things let you down (Murphy’ s law?). So we were out of internet for 2 days and now that it is fixed I dont have a computer to work on!!! they are not responsive. I have tried everything, defragmentations on the PC, cleaning, and other things on the MAC not working!!! not a single computer out of 3 in the house is properly responding. So now I have to work outside or on the old tired heavy PC where some keyboard letter-cubes are gone (taken out by a tiny little baby hand – alfie loves that game) and I have to type on a tiny little sticks for the letter A and the letter U! Moreover it ventilates so hard that I have to have a hat on my head to keep my hair from floating …and lets not mention the sound…

So I am sitting here “trying” to identify the measures and the assessment and the quality and the sustainability and this and that and I’ve been doing my best to ignore some of the most difficult parts of the writing: the impact of my research! Waouh! The impact!!! Ok, when you speak medical research I guess it is really easy you say you are going to cure this or that disease.

Those completely lost by this very strange blurp I am talking now will know or will not that research grant applications need to include an “impact statement”, and apparently it assesses impact as a major component of the research quality. So I need to define my impact.

One working definition of impact -one of the many I have found on the net is “making a demonstrable difference in a non-academic context”. So does this mean you need to make a demonstrable difference and it needs to be outside the academia that is in the real world? so does this actually means that all research has to mean something?  when I first came at the beginning of the year into an office and I was asked if I could do research, I first said yes!! and then I asked the most stupid question “but what is research?”.

Now after all these months, searching – researching – putting down hypothetical – rhetorical-  heroical questions, I find myself into the realm of having to prove that what I state is true and furthermore what I state is interesting and can actually be used. OK guys!!! OK ok ok….I completely agree with you and I would love to help you and include this item in my research but then should we do it my way… would we better DO things and maybe…maybe TALK less?

Or am I completely wrong here?


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