developmental assets for early childhood : part 1. support.

Family Support | Parents and/or primary caregivers provide the child with high levels of consistent and predictable love, physical care, and positive attention in ways that are responsive to the child’s individuality.

Positive Family Communication | Parents and/or primary caregivers express themselves positively and respectfully, engaging young children in conversations that invite their input.

Other Adult Relationships | With the family’s support, the child experiences consistent, caring relationships with adults outside the family.

Caring Neighborhood | The child’s network of relationships includes neighbors who provide emotional support and a sense of belonging.

Caring Climate in Child Care and Educational Settings | Caregivers and teachers create environments that are nurturing, accepting, encouraging, and secure

Parent Involvement in Child Care and Education | Parents, caregivers, and teachers together create a consistent and supportive approach to fostering the child’s successful growth.

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