artistic research becomes my obsessive dream these days

When you wake up in the night and you think of the word artistic research, archival practice and speculative research environment, I tell you something is not going right in your head! so I stop and look at myself in the mirror and then it gets even worse. why do I dream of artistic research these days? why I am so obsessed? One answer could be that I become more and more interested and the fact that I need to deliver these papers for tuesday makes more and more permeable to the topic. So I dream …yes….do I really dream of artistic research? Is research perhaps a temporary thing that can only take place in my head for the days I am working ? or will it stay within this experimental “sanctuary” that I have created by working in the institutional frame of art education? Is it a space that will dissolve or will it generates something else like a temporary autonomy where purely artistic research can take place for ever?? Does it come for free or is there an instrumental and calculating condition? Lets say I was a researcher for real…would this obsession be there or would it offer critical resistance to a one-dimensional rhetoric of the omnipresent visual culture and the opportunistic dictates of the creative industry? Do you hear now how exhausted I am? My critical conscience is blasted into today’s artistic debate…

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