the fascinating legend of the wish-bracelet

Once upon a time, there was a woman who travelled, searching for what she felt was missing in the world. She wandered through the snowy north and burning deserts, sailed over the ocean, and explored the jungles. Finally, she came to a wise Shaman in the Amazon jungle. He led her deep into the green, jewel-like rain forest to a tiny village where if you blink once it was there and if you blink twice it was not. There were the women and children of the village, strong men and elders that all lived in harmonious abundance. The women stared in wonder  and asked, “How is it possible that there are no wants, strife, or sickness here?” The Shaman gazed into the woman’s eyes and saw the needs of the world. Seeing this, he shared the secrets of the Wish Bracelets. Then the women of the village weaved colorful jewelled beads from the stars into their native grasses. These bracelets were magical, able to answer the wishes of those who wished with a pure and unselfish heart. The Shaman guided her to share the bracelets and their story with the world and share the money she would earn with the poor and the sick. Soon the magic of the bracelets spread far and wide. The more people believed, the more magical the bracelets became. In turn the people were greatly blessed and lived in an abundance of love and harmony.

This as just as an introduction, a legend I read about on the net.

And now I come to my story which is long ago forgotten – quite a strange and a little amazing story.

once upon a time in my life, when I was alone and had not even met my husband I think… a very good friend of mine gave me a little wish bracelet she had brought for me from brazil. She gave it to me a night of February I think it was, it was in Istanbul at her dad’s house where we were invited for dinner. It was purple and I remember this moment very well. My friend, while tying it to my wrist, ask me to think of a wish that was going to go into the knot. She told me that when the bracelet falls off, your wishes are said to go to the universe and back to you. She also said that I should be sure to wish with a ‘pure heart’ so ‘pure good’ finds its way back to you.

I was smiling and she was smiling. And immediately I think she understood what my wish was. Yes, I wanted a baby. Yes that was my pure thought. She knew this for long. I so longed for a baby. But I was alone and the love of my life had not knocked at my door yet  …

Anyhow, the same year, towards the end of it, I met Baard and the year after, I became pregnant. And for almost 2 years the bracelet was attached to my wrist. Come rain or come shine, the bracelet was becoming thiner and thiner and thiner…So worn out…but it was resisting. I was bathing, I was touching it all the time. It went through a rough treatment. I did not think it would be possible for such a thin thread to hold so well. And it was holding. And it was holding. So good.

Came the fabulous night I went into labour. It was on 11th february 2008. It took long long long hours. Alfie came in the morning at 9.22 am. And then, the bracelet fell off. I can’t give the exact time. But I know for sure that I had it while in pain in the corridors of the hospital and I did not have it anymore when the nurses put my little Alfie on my breast for the first time, in the blue labour room.

I love the story and it took me some time to remember it I must admit…Only today when reading back some of my old mails, I found some lines I had written to my friend revealing her the incredible magic of her wish bracelet.

And they lived happily ever after!


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