mixing business and pleasure is not a taboo anymore

When I started writing this blog it had a completely different scope. I was writing in english, freshly arrived in norway, only concerning my work. I have another blog where I write in french (my mother tongue) more personal matters and I used to keep it quite separate. one professional the other personal. but suddenly I started understanding that only personal stuff is boring and only professional is even more. So I left one for the other, and when I started having Facebook, Pinterest, posterous it started to juggle a little too much for the time I have left in my busy life to sit so much in front of a computer and segregate items and ideas was not working anymore. So I mixed it up a little and now, it is official the time has come that I will merge both. So sometimes in english sometimes in french, depending on my mood and depending on the themes I will be a little more involving, more holistic, more emotional than a barely professional blog. I feel a little relieved this way.  I will try to transfer my notes tonight.

happy sunday!



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