motherhood is not for sissies!

I remember seeing a poster once in a shop with this inscription. Motherhood is not for sissies. and I laughed. cause this is true. It is hard. It is long. You loose a lot of yourself, of your life, of your smile sometimes.

yes you do gain a lot from it. and this is something we all experience. but what I wanted to say to the mamas/and papas who find it too difficult sometimes:  Remember to breathe.

Deeply and often. and to name the feelings as they fly through your heart.

When your children are difficult, beastly or scream around and maybe will pronounce those weird words: “I hate you!” (they will….) think back of the warm sweetness of their tiny bodies when you were holding them when they were just new born, those magic first moments, the first smells, the way they stares into your eyes in the very first moments, the first smile that came so fast and that you were so proud of.

Let the dishes pile up and have a party instead.

Laugh a lot.

Go puddle jumping and cloud busting.

Build forts on the beach and climb trees in the forest with them.

Spend rainy days in bed snuggling and sunny days outside adventuring. or the reverse!!!

Sing loudly and off-key.

Dance like a maniac.

Butterfly kisses and bear hugs cure broken hearts.

Tell your children they can be anything.

Tell yourself too.

Now believe it!!!

And don’t forget to breathe….



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