You gotta fight ….

Today 27th february 2012 will be a very difficult day and very determining for the fabulous project I am working for called “Barnas Fredsverden”. It will be given green light (or not!) from the city council having to fight with a recent quite strong opposition coming from the right wing politicians, openly debating here and there (local newspapers have published quite violent articles these last weeks) scared from the risks that can encounter the city of Moss in this formidable new adventure The credits, the risks the figures, the numbers will be analyzed today…I only hope that people will also see the opportunity, will see the progress they can make, will see the true nature of the project with their eyes and heart and soul. I know, I sincerely understand what is at stake and yes, it takes a lot of money to open up for such a scale project. But I have seen a lot of expensive projects with no soul, no scope, no real visionary path. I also know that dreams are built by people. And projects are constructed and made possible by happy people who dare to dream! So this morning I wish with all my heart, Good luck to Barnas Fredsverden!

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I also take the liberty to publish two letters that I have written and have not been used this time -for the battle! I thought that publishing it here today, would operate like a little witchcraft and magic, and the words and energy out of the words would spread out and would maybe bump into the indecisive heads in the council this afternoon. And maybe wake them up….yes, I am sometimes a little naive…


Dear Friends

In a meeting on Monday 30th January 2012, the political parties of the region of Moss have severely doubted that BFV can be realized, putting in danger and jeopardizing our project.

In order to give a strong and positive sign that a movement has already been created, that it is not only us that strongly believe in the success of our project and visions, but also hundreds of other organization and you, as an important project leader acting for peace and youth in the world, we would need today, your influential support by signing the letter and sending it back to us as soon as possible.

Nothing is easy, nothing is for granted and we do understand the concern of the local politicians about the economic risks undertaken in such a global critical situation, but we also strongly believe and we are working on, to give all the necessary guarantees that our project is relevant to the region, to the nation and to the world, economically feasible, that it can unite and empower youth and children to get a new tool to work and grow with.

Together we can build up a peaceful, fair and inclusive community of committed people.

Thanking you for your support,



To the Politicians of the region of Moss,

Barnas FredsVerden is the most original and innovative concept ever imagined for children and youth, engaging them for Peace and Conflict resolution in a very special and unique way allying education, entertainment and involvement.

The immense potential surrounding the opening of the center in 2014 provides a major incentive for the region of Moss, for Norway and also from an international perspective, offering the unique opportunity to rethink the way that Peace relates to children and youth – physically, organizationally, and philosophically.

I strongly support the establishment of BFV as an essential project that goes beyond education, entertainment and involvement, and addresses original and interconnected tools for mobilizing youth building bridges between generations.

I trust Barnas Fredsverden to be able to establish a basis of excellence, to realize a coherent and cohesive contribution towards sustainable peace-building actions, to build a committed and quality international platform, to contribute to culture around the world, and that it will contribute to the economic welfare of the region.

I believe that it is through the visions and dreams of some, that new ideas and concepts can make the world change.

Patricia Canellis


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