our streets are bleeding

Every move. Every smile. Inspiration sometimes is difficult to reveal. In a constant search for dreams, for those small little details that lie beneath the surface. Life happens, they say. Too simple to endure, we may add. Life is overwhelming, unjust and sometimes hard to manifest. It’s the Need to distinguish, to absorb, to reflect upon, give meaning, speak the truth, get lost in an illusion and come back again to make every single day worth the effort.

Our streets are bleeding. We fight the unspeakable. The problematic seems unable to be resolved. They promised Edem, They delivered Hell. Cannot withdraw, cannot get hopeless. Our need is much more urging. We ignite, by idea, by imagination, difference, indifference and Pathos. Overpowered we start the journey to an eternal optimism.

No matter what, we shall continue the dream we once had and we still believe in….


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