About HIM.
He is a man. But he could have been a lamp.
He is fascinated by people, by plants, by the
human condition, and the strange
consequences on things over other things.
He knows words.
He once had a dog that bit off
the tip of his ear.
He misses that part of him.
He looks at himself and at the
rest. He thinks he looks strange.
He looks unfinished.
He is a mirror.
He stands in the bathroom.
He is crazy. People he meets say he is crazy, he
once met some people at a party.
He never goes anywhere. He does not like light. He does not like noise.
He does not give answers. He does not ask questions.
He knows what that means.
He asks nothing.
He is alone. He has himself and he has books.
He shapes, pushes and turns,
builds and lets it flow.
He reads. He jumps.
He does not offer worlds. He is the world.

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