My life is precious

You just have to ask yourself- who  you are, why you are here, what did you come to learn on this planet, what did you come to realize, and of course the impossible question to be answered : what do you really want from your life?

As busy as most of us are, we seldom have the time – to figure it out what we want for ourselves. Instead, we live our lives day after day, from home to work to home and back again. In between are the children and the husband, the phone calls, the dirty dishes and the dirty laundry and the distractions that take all our time and energy.

It is the relationship you have with yourself that is the most important, because all other relationships begin with you, you know that don’t you?

All too often, we live our lives to impress or to please other people, even when we don’t realize we’re doing it and eventually we are fed up, we are disappointed…
I still wonder what would my day look like, if I didn’t have to do a single thing just because a friend, a family member or co-worker thought I should do?

What if they didn’t exist?

How much of my time do I give away when I’d rather have it for myself, how much work do I do to benefit someone other than myself? Is there a way to lighten this load?

Remember, in the end, it’s just U. In the final accounting, that’s all you have anyway….We are born alone, and we will die that way too, and somewhere between the two, you must find a way for yourself.

My life is precious. I know that, forever.

This is why today though I don’t have anything special, no work, no meeting, nothing that somebody needs me to do, I have decided to deliver my little girl to her girl-friend and do things just for myself. Put on the french radio loud in the house, write this text, do my nails, + stupid little things for myself, die my hair, read all the magazines and books left on my night table, there, for long….think. no talk. alone. alone. myself. me. me. me.


so good.


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