isolated moments that weave a more comprehensive whole

Did you ever posed the question: “Why on earth do we still get free phone books ? Have the phone book people not heard of the Internet?” Though I agree and I really think it is a waste of time, energy, paper, and eventually useless, though I love paper and statements, the artist Carlos Zuniga certainly found a way to convince me and to convince all the phone book makers of the world to continue, for the arts sake!

The guy entirely relies on these heavy, trusted, printed books to produce his work, a creative interpretation of written text transformed into visual delights. This series Next is a collection of portraits where Zuniga blacks out certain bits of text to form the image in the negative space and it is fascinating!!

The Chile-based artist’s bio says that, “Through the destruction of textual identities, a new layer of representational information is created” and that the work, “has to be deciphered from between the lines. Like memory, which is composed of isolated moments that weave a more comprehensive whole.”

These magical creations require a strong vision and quite a bit of planning I would argue. I would love to be a little mouse and stand there just before he starts the work with his black ink. For sure, Zuniga has the amazing ability to foresee an image in the space and to, line-by-line, transform the text into a strong visual narrative.more on


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