when divine meets paper sculptures or the reverse!

More than 100 of Peter Gentenaar’s ethereal paper sculptures are constituting an amazing exhibition that has opened in the Abbey church of Saint-Riquier in France which I would adore to visit. The curves and organic forms of the paper sculptures echo the beautiful vaulting and cluster piers of the church interior and the sculptures have ribbing just like the ribbed groin vaults. Gothic architecture invaded by the most aerial artistic interventions. The lightness and airiness of the suspended paper objects enhance this fabulously heavy and impressive (for me) gothic architecture.

My interest in paper dates from the time I worked with it as a graphic artist…. Because I worked from the mind of the sculptor and graphic artist, I stayed as a long paper which printed material or a mold that could be filled. As my technique has improved, I found that I have not dried with a paper had everything I wanted…. A sheet of paper is thin and strong, like a leaf of a plant. When the sheet is reinforced with thin bamboo strips that resemble the veins of the leaf and woordt the agreement between the two even more stressed.
Through my long flax pulp, grease, grinding, arise during the drying enormous tensions between the bamboo is not shrinking and shrinking greatly in drying paper pulp that has changed. These tensions give the sheet a form that is most reminiscent of a leaf in autumn.
All my work comes as a 2 dimensional plain wet pulp on my vacuum table, which ultimately shaped by the tension during drying.
The pulp is the bearer of the shape, color and texture, the simplicity and directness with which this entails makes it a wonderful material.
My paper is made from bleached flax fiber, which Dehollander with lightfast pigments are colored, the paper can be transparent. The molds are sprayed with a flame retardant and sturdy enough sense to be cleaned.


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