Wanted : 9 mother-curators!

There are many projects for children around the world, many of different kind and many very good ones specially dedicated to young audiences. But as it seems – and this is weird/interesting to observe – there is no “cultural center” as such dedicated to children. Why? Is there no need to have one space dedicated to the arts for our children? Is it too difficult to sustain such a space? Or is it too expensive?

What are the conditions necessary to open such a space? In an already busy life (kindergarden or long school hours, the family life, some outdoor activities or the football club) and different seasonal celebrations like Christmas and birthdays…what is left for a play? a dance show? an exhibition? What is left for art?

This pre-project –  that I am proposing to different funding bodies these days – is seeking to gather 9 women, artists, pedagogs, teachers, curators from different backgrounds and origins, all having the same need to come together, to think and investigate the conditions to install a cultural project for children in the Nordic countries and/or beyond. This team will investigate, meet, talk, propose, fight, think and at best propose  – at worst impose! the different scenarios to grow such a concept. We will think about the structure – if it should necessarily be a permanent building or just a flexible “caravan” wandering around, we will think about the kind of art that can be entailed and sustained, we will for sure think and discuss about the economy behind such a project and also a lot of different open discussions around the very special positioning of such a project in the Scandinavian countries like Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. The cultural factors, the geography and the mapping out of the project, the visible and the invisible boundaries, the ecology and the environmental inclusion of the project will also come our way.

On this journey we will embark a group of 9 mothers/artists + 3 principal creators/moderators/organisers from NO, SE, DK all close to the world of the art (dancer, producer, photographer, actress, …) bringing their own very special background, and coming together to meet other people other “tribes”, whether they have children or not, fathers or not, politicians, hard core bankers! anyone interested to discuss the matter of creating a space for the art of the little ones, turning something impossible into a future project with a lot of possibilities and the best of expertise. National and local institutions (ministry of culture, ministry of environment, ministry of education of all 3 countries, but also regional and local institutions, different funding bodies, kindergarten, schools and other educational structures will be questioned and ask to come with a wish, a vision, an interesting and a vibrant experiment.

The aim of this project is to create awareness – and a space for networking and competence development.

The aim of this project is to create a Fairyfesthouse, not now, not in another country, but probably right there, in our own head!

More precisely:

The pre-project will be starting on November 12, 2012 and will be ending on 20 December 2013. During this period, we will organise our work in 3 distinct phases.

The first will be an intense research/creation period where the 9 artists-mothers will have to collect information, possibilities, ideas, contacts and network in order to create a MAP-a COLLAGE-a PAPER-a DRAWING (more?) of their findings. This will come in different ways: sketches, report, songs, photos, play, acts… any form – artistic or not – will be allowed.

Then in the second phase we will organise 3 gatherings: the first in Norway (March 2013) the second in Sweden (May/June 2013) and the third one in Denmark (Autumn 2013). Each time we will gather 3 of the artists/professionals/educators/pedagogs/producers/mothers -virtually or in flesh – and will debate about their work in what we will call a fairyfestLAB.

The last period will collect and present in a more edited, comprehensive way the work done in the 3 fairyfestLABs so that we will have a final piece composed of different artistic forms – favorable or not, sustainable or not, the image of a “potential”.

The thought behind this 3 distinct phases is to approach the project in the most creative way, to be open for different encounters, to be productive, and to go beyond the static debate. While creating, and imagining the capacity for such a project, we think we will be able to embrace the energy for a small or a larger scale fairyfesthouse here or there!

for more information, please write to fairyfest@me.com.

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