and I love

and i want to play hide and seek  with our little daughter and tell you I like your hands and sit on the steps while you take a bath and massage your neck and hold your hand and go for a meal or even better cook the meal with you and watch a stupid movie that is too hard for our minds for tonight and we cant really sleep afterwards, and drink a cup of tea which I never finish, or work a little more on my computer just on the other side of you, altogether so looking at you sitting in your armchair, and let you sleep for a while and come close to you and kiss your forehead and stroke your skin and tell you how much I love you your eyes your lips your chest and sit next to you until we decide to go to bed, and turn my back on you when we go to bed, because this is the only way you and i can sleep and I hug you in the morning and I hug alfie who is there as well after 4 years and a half, and I speak and I dont speak, and I love I love I love.

my feelings are so deep I almost cannot find words for them, words are coming from up there.

my feelings are so simple I almost can’t write anything on them.

somehow somehow somehow I wish to communicate some of the overwhelming underlying unconditional heart enriching mind expanding on going never ending love i have for you ever and ever.


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