genealogy is the archive of the future

Currently working on a research project on archive at the Norwegian Theatre Academy I am diving again into the magnetic hole of genealogy! The diagram you see here is a genealogical diagram of the Inuits made in the mid 1950s by anthropologist Jean Malaurie (you can google him…he is very interesting to get to know!) the first of its kind. It’s a hand made radial drawing, Malaurie has a whole series of them in his apartment in Paris, along with his extensive personal archive of research materials including photos, films, notebooks, drawings. While the broader aims of the project are to work on what archive means to artists, asking them to create their own archive for us, this picture is so appalling and interesting that I am thinking of using it somehow, somewhere! It definitley brings the information alive in a magnificent way and demonstrates how historical anthropological materials can be made relevant and contextualised for present and future generations.


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