working and not working.

my head is full of shit. my heart is full of cold air. it has holes.

I should be wiser and elevate myself —I should by now the age helping, the experience helping (been here, done that —but do you ever learn?) I should not be affected by the way people are treating each other, the way people push themselves in the forefront and push you out. the clever ones.

why should I feel freezing cold now? I should not feel that. My heart should be proud and happy and glowing and comforted by the work that has been achieved. But human beings are stupid and probably I am as stupid them but I am sure now some are more stupid than others….99290366756417857_9vg4ITfb_c

Despite all the reasoning, what is it that makes me feel a loss at the moment? is it when you work hard for a project and then you see it somehow stolen by the others, the ones that have big teeth? who is the crab? who is the cat?

what stays is only the memory only the feeling only the cold.



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