you are a big girl now…

My little darling,

You came into our lives 5 years ago.

We shared 20 beautiful seasons with you, the seasons of snow, the seasons of rain, the seasons of rainbows and the seasons of sun, a lot of the beautiful shining sun of greece, france or norway; 60 months of happiness, smiles, joys and questions, and so much to do to be a papa, to be a mama, and to be a little girl;  1825 days and nights of sleep, of play, of laughter and some tears as well, specially when you are too tired to express your feelings and you are overwhelmed, or when it is really “unfair” for you;  48805 hours of doing things together, as a family, as a gang, as a trio…


you woke up all smiles this morning discovering your little presents and you made us smile, papa and mama, and even the new member of our family (lee loo lola the  kattepuss) seemed like she was smiling…

We love you to the moon and back. Happy birthday Alfie.

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine…




  1. Dear Patricia, what a wonderful uplifting post! It made my day just reading it. Please wish your little ray of sunshine a happy birthday for me. john

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