The Happiness Brewery


Tell us what you want to live again
Tell us what you desire the most to feel again
Tell us who you crave to touch again

For a few months, in collaboration with the Happiness Factory a rather ambitious project has been elaborated. The idea is to synthesise past emotions into bottles, mixing Alchemy, Love & Design. Good moments and bad moments as well…

Parisian design studio, The Happiness Factory has embarked on a project that involves cataloguing intimate emotions and poignant memories by way of bottle labels.

The Happiness Brewery project is inviting anyone to submit a few words about moments, feelings and memories they want to recapture and revive in order to create an archive of real-life narratives and experiences. Consumers can then buy a large or small bottle of potion featuring their own inscription.

By encouraging us to romantically pontificate on the nature of our most lasting and affecting sentiments – good or bad – and memorialise them, it’s tempting to see this project as a charming and aesthetically satisfying antidote to the constant spewing of emotions via social media.

This project is in constant evolution, and rather collaborative.

You can find all the project here

To submit one of your intimate ruminations, email


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