a think and a thank

It is difficult to express your feelings everyday, it is difficult to say what you feel when you are doing what you have to do, the useful things, the little things, the daily things,  while you eat, clean, care and while you are in the normal mode…It is difficult to say how grateful you are for all what you have, you often think about this, how lucky you are, how amazing this life is, and how much you feel full, full of light, full of sparkle, full of excitement. It is difficult but then, something happens, something little, something hard, something worrisome, something different that changes the rhythm of your life and you stop and you think of all the love you have for your love, for your child, for yourself. it is in that tiny moment that you feel free that you feel full that you feel everything, that you think about all the things that you have. sometimes you need those moments to stop and think and thank.



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