dear 18 years old me

I wish you could see the view from here. It is breathtaking! So beautiful…

You are all bold voice and mistaken intentions, so full of yourself, you are heart-wrenching, you are a goddamn dreamboat.

Don’t you think I wish I could tell you to stop thinking that you know it all and relax about one thing you don´t know yet. your life is going to be good …

It would be great to show you this coin of the world where you live now and the moment of your life when you finally figure out who you are and what you are worth…








Don’t you think I wish I could just hurl you where you need to go, or swoop down and knit you a nest of rules or disguise you as the future until your presence blends in. Don’t you think I wish I could tell you that I am coming for you?

One day I will deposit you in a field of women with a wisdom as ancient as constellations, they will teach you to dance in the world you thought you had to tackle, they might set your spirit free…but beware they might ask you just what exactly it is you plan to do with your petty and everything life? They will ask you who is your mother, where is your father, what do you do with that boy, why you did not keep your baby, they will hurt you but they will just mean to show you the path.

I wish I could pack some tiny parachutes in your pockets, guarantee a soft landing towards the ground – From where I’m standing..

It’s going to be spectacular! Wait. I can hold it. You are going to meet your beautiful love, yes! you remember the one you were dreaming of, the one you thought you would never meet? yes, you are going to meet him. and you are going to have a beautiful little girl.

I told you it is going to be spectacular…


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