my heart was beating hard.


as I was hearing the horrific details of the aggression of our little neighbour by a dog, I got plunged into the past and remembered in my ears, in my bones, in my cells, and in my tears, my little sister being attacked by a dog, ripping off the skin of her skull with its open wide drooling mouth full of anger and teeth. in front of my eyes. blood. noise. cries.

it all happened  again. on friday, naomi the friend of alfie a 6 year old sweet girl got attacked, here, some meters away from her home, on our little quiet road, down the hill.  I am so sad and aching for this little creature – she is always smiling.

and to think about the parents what they are going through…and that it could have been ….i am getting cold warm angry…I cant stop thinking of all the things that makes life stop suddenly. we spent the evening talking about it, in the dark, baard and I. life stops and you realise. life is fragile.

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