barnas fredsklubb in Oslo

2013-09-28 11.10.39 HDR2013-09-28 11.11.14 HDR2013-09-28 11.27.422013-09-28 11.31.472013-09-28 11.32.262013-09-28 11.33.20 HDR2013-09-28 11.33.322013-09-28 11.35.102013-09-28 11.50.122013-09-28 12.11.46 HDR2013-09-28 13.44.58-1This week end we have been invited to the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo. It was the first time I was going there and I was really intensely satisfied by the experience. Since we are working here in Moss in a similar project with Barnas Fredsverden it was even more interesting to see what was happening, and how it was organised. The exhibition itself was really nicely produced, exhibited and forwarded to the public.

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