what happens after a violent (sexual) aggression

Here is an information that I find absolutely fascinating! It concerns what happens technically in case of rape, or violent aggression on a woman.

What does the victim go through? What is the police work and requirements?

Wow does the health system function?

 This legislation applies in Norway.today-01_oInformation system used today
Every type of information a patient gets has a different type of graphic style and type of language. The police, dixi, health services and other resource centers have completely different types of messages. 20% of the patients come from a minority background. A challenge is to understand how their culture works and also the language barriers. This can be solved by using some type of visual, physical language. By playing games even.

When patients are too young, it is difficult to communicate with them because they have not understood what has happened to them. They do not have the words to communicate.

This can be solved by using some type of visual, physical language. By playing games even. A good way to engage young patients is by taking them to walk outside. That helps them talk.

Transport with the Police
If the police finds a victim, they will secure the traces of DNA that are left on her clothes and body. They do this by making him/her sit on paper while being in the police car, and also by putting paper bags on the victim’s hands.

“The social worker said this cloth is because the couch is dirty, is that true? Or is it that they need my DNA?”
When the patient enters the counseling room together with the social worker, he/she is asked to sit on the couch where the green cloth is. The social worker’s explain that the couch is dirty, so its for protection, but if you analyse that situation, you realize that its the first critical interaction the patient has with the whole help system. It should be a pleasent experience, not awkward like it is today.

The mintutes before the gynecological chair
In the examination suite, when the patient has to undress to take the gynecological exam, there is no private place to do this. There is no changing room, so the alternatives are a bathroom, where you have to walk half naked through the hall, or in the same room trying to hide behind a wall.

The gynecological examination is not an easy type of examination, specially when the patients are very young and have never had one before.

This place should make you feel safe and prepare you for the exam. It should give you some space to sit by yourself and think what you really want to do.

The rules for undressing today, is by standing on 3 layers of paper that are on the floor, for any evidence thay may fall. It is also important that the patient personally places his/her clothes in individual paper bags for each piece of type of clothes. Today, there is no system for this and important traces of DNA can be lost.


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