be open to whatever comes next


It has been a little while now that I have not posted anything here.
No inspiration, no time, nothing to write about?
Not at all …I have been very inspired and I am thinking so much every day to write about this or that and then finally I dont. no reason really.
The sun is shining today and the snow has all melted down. we did not much of it but a lot of frost and very low temperatures for a long while a little before christmas and after. it was so beautiful. I love frost. I love white. I love cold. Some of my friends think I am crazy. They think it is too cold for them, even to visit! They only dream about beach and sun and warm.
We have had the visit of my mother for 10 days. All went well. For once, I could say…
Not a substantial change but probably the limited time of her visit and also some few things to do (a dinner out with friends, a concert at the church, the performance of alfie on ice, and the christmas eve with our french friends, made time go by quite fast…
I am also facing the final stage of a zona. which means I am not aching no more (that lasted 2 full weeks of awful pain in december) and now it is only tiredness. Need to rest a lot. More than any other time.
New year has brought quite some resolutions.

To take it easy specially. From the worries of the work I am doing since a few years now. Try to gather my forces and energy into something that is more creative, more personal, more joyful maybe?
I have quite some projects in my head and I hope I will be able to put them in order and be safe enough to put them forward, to start them up!
I am thinking a lot of opening a shop (online maybe for a start – or why not even physically) but I am still scared and not sure what this should be. I love beautiful things. should it maybe that ? small things I would import from different places in the world …
I am not a commercial person though so it would really take a lot of time for me. but this is a really ticklish idea I would like to work on.

And be more brave than the former years since I have been thinking about it for so long.

happy new year to you, to me and to whatever comes next!

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