Walmart Ethics

The False Morality of “Accepting Everyone” and “Not Judging Anyone”: how heroic. You don’t have to lift a finger or make any kind of sacrifice to feel like a “Hero”- just hold a popular mainstream opinion and shame everyone who doesn’t think like you….and then get to feel self-righteous and “loving”….simply because you, “don’t judge” and “accept everyone”…Really?

This “stance” actually is proof of low intelligence, absence of the ability to exercise independent and critical thought and lack of real moral fiber, which is a characteristic premised on the ability to employ “judicial discrimination” in complex matters that involve a definite moral choices and conclusions. This Fallacy is actually quite suicidal and destructive.

We call it “Walmart Ethics”.

Now, for those who are more intelligent and serious-minded, let’s get about the business of un-fucking the world~!


(found on the net somewhere. seems to apply to some of the thoughts I have sometimes.)


Photo fromĀ Marseille. France 2011OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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